Richfill Calibrated Filler

Richfill Calibrated Filler

Richwood, India’s well-known manufacturer of Richfill Wood Putty and Richfill Plywood Plus, introduced their new product Richfill Calibrated Filler – the best inner filler for plywood and flush doors.

With the increasing prices and decreasing thickness of face veneer, the plywood manufacturers are facing several problems like cracking of face veneer, dark patches on plywood face due to the glue penetration and thin face.

Richfill Calibrated Filler is useful to get uniform, wave-free surface and smooth finish to the plywood. It is very easy to use and offers value for money.

“We studied the plywood manufacturers’ problems and developed an innovative product Richfill Calibrated Filler,” said CEO of Richwood, Mr. Hrishikesh Badamikar. All our products are completely scientific and a result of deep research, he added.

  • Fills core gaps of plywood and flush door
  • Furnishes uniform and wave-free surface
  • Gives even thickness on all sides
  • Helps increase the bonding strength of core to face
  • Reduces the problem of dark patch on the face veneer
  • Increases the quality of plywood

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